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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Moves All The Furniture?

The homeowner is in charge of moving a fully furnished home. If the home is 75% empty, the team can provide assistants with the moving

What If My Doors No Longer Close?

If the doors do not close and it has contact with the ground, the homeowner will need to remove the doors in order to not touch the floor

What About Moldings?

We will provide a brand new shoe molding

Will Installers Have To Move My Water Heater?

No, water heater is manageable to work around

What If The Sub-flooring Is Damaged?

Homeowner’s will need to get it fix by a general contractor

Do I Have To Remove My Old Carpet?

Old carpet is recommended to be removed before the project begins, but we could take care of it for an extra fee that would be added to the estimate.

Do I Need To Supply Anything?

Depends on client, project and expectations. We can supply all material needed or clients can provide their own material and supplies

How Do I Pick My Floors?

Platinum Floor’s Inc provides samples of finished products and different materials

Do You Supply The Material?

Yes, if is needed

How Do I Schedule My Service?

Visit the website https://platinumfloorsinc.com/, give us a call. After the first step is done, we listen to your needs, we provide an estimate based on your requirements and after both parties agree on a deal we can put clients on schedule

What If I Need To Reschedule?

No big issues with rescheduling. We try the best to work with clients but everything depends on company’s schedule

Do You Do Financing For Your Clients?


How Much Will New Floors Cost Me?

Depends on size, material, and labor

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, all estimates are free for all clients